MassArt was founded in 1873 with the understanding that art and design are essential to our daily lives. As the nation’s only freestanding public college of art and design, this storied institution needed a bold, joyful identity and website to celebrate its unique position and uncommon perspective.

live site

We tapped David Jonathan Ross, renowned type designer and MassArt faculty member, to diligently perfect the college’s new logotype.

The elastic M

Every corner of MassArt vibrates with energy and excitement. To effectively illustrate the institution’s vibrancy and openness, we created a system leveraging a flexible and fun identifier: the elastic M. Unfussy and limitless in form, the elastic M, paired with fresh typography and a versatile color palette, allows for an unlimited set of configurations while remaining cohesive in voice.

Uncommon community. Common good.

A comprehensive messaging platform and visual standards  empowers the campus community to communicate effectively and consistently.

How better to showcase the college’s vast breadth of facilities and vibrant campus than with brand new, striking photography? Thank you alum Tony Luong!

A vibrant and alive .edu

The new and improved began with a meticulous content strategy and information architecture process. The result? A radically streamlined website structure, a tailored landing page strategy to highlight programmatic offerings, and an editorial homepage feature to showcase the people, work, and events that define MassArt’s essence.


Brand strategy, visual identity, content development, website design