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Open is a word that embodies how Moth runs shop: open culture, open communication, open to doing better.

Every project, every collaboration is an opportunity to discover something new about design—and the world.

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Tammy Dayton

Founder, Design Director

Tammy founded Moth Design in 2003 with a few dollars in her pocket, a desk made from a Home Depot door, and absolute faith that meaningful work was out there. Nearly two decades later, much has changed in the world, yet she continues to find joy in producing thoughtful design for some of the country’s most well respected, mission-driven organizations. 

Over the years, Tammy has purposely assembled a select team of brilliant designers to provide clients with personalized attention and idea-driven results. She’s known for shepherding complex projects from ideation to fruition by pairing her ability to quickly synthesize information with a knack for balancing strategic thinking and pragmatism. 

Tammy lives and breathes all things Moth, but now and then you might find her catching up on her stack of New Yorkers, whipping up a batch of Sunday-morning crepes for her family, or exploring an uncharted hiking trail in her ‘hood. 

Massachusetts College of Art and Design, BFA

Communication Arts, Brand New, UCDA Awards, Type Directors Club, How Magazine, Print Magazine


Erin Zwaska

Design Director

Erin Zwaska is a design visionary, type nerd, table tennis champion, and founder of Moth’s book club. She found her way to design by way of a journalism degree, a stint in public relations, an MFA from RISD, and a pitstop in Tokyo somewhere along the way. 

Erin’s inquisitive and analytical nature adds value to each and every venture. She encourages companies and institutions to explore fresh design solutions and avoid trendy tropes. With her keen eye for idea-driven design, she’s forever championing the success of the people and projects she leads. 

When she’s not leading projects at Moth, you may find Erin at the newest microbrew spot or teaching typography and branding to her students at BU.

Rhode Island School of Design, MFA
University of Wisconsin, Madison, BA

Communication Arts, Fonts in Use, Design Observer, Women of Graphic Design, New Criticals


Stephanie Bogle

Designer, Web Lead

Stephanie Bogle is a digital native, quintessential team player, and wants to know what your spirit animal is. 

Stephanie has the extraordinary ability to make the most complicated problems seem easy to solve (spoiler alert: they’re not easy by a longshot). She applies her design chops to tackle complex projects in a way that elevates the studio—and our partners—to new heights.  

Stephanie has as many as five nicknames and if you gift her a Dunkin’ Munchkin,  she just might let you in on one of them. Oh, and her spirit animal? The panda.

Massachusetts College of Art and Design, BFA

Communication Arts, Fonts in Use, W3 Awards, Davey Awards 

Leah Fenton


Leah Fenton wants to live in a world where color is king, plant shops are on every corner, and small talk always involves typography. 

A born optimist, Leah infuses possibility and positivity into every project. She believes deeply in the power of collaboration and the promise that design can change the world for the better. Her creativity is matched only by her perseverance—when Leah is on a project, no stones are left unturned. 

Leah has a remarkable capacity to befriend everyone (watch out, introverts!) in her path, which proves to be a handy secret weapon on photoshoots.

Massachusetts College of Art and Design, BFA

Communication Arts, Selected for invite-only 2018 “An Interesting Day” conference, Amsterdam, Fonts in Use, W3 Awards, Davey Awards

Anthony Lopez


Anthony is a typography master, perfectionist at heart, and one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.  

An intuitive designer, Anthony listens with expert ears and makes everything he touches better. His approach ensures that ideas are brought to life with a meticulous attention to detail and an aspiration for finding beauty. You want Anthony on your projects. 

Anthony’s a horror movie junky, antiquing aficionado, and makes the meanest cauliflower taco. Least favorite shape? Anthony’s never met a triangle he likes.

Massachusetts College of Art and Design, BFA

Sarah Sholes


Sarah loves all the good things in life—friends, furry friends, food, and new adventures. It is Sarah’s warmth and empathy that make her so expert at what she does. A deep and careful listener, a systems thinker, and an intuitive leader Sarah balances big picture priorities with a pragmatic approach to process and problem solving. 

Coming to Moth from Harvard’s School of Public Health, Sarah brings deep communications expertise that impacts the everyday of our world. Your day is better with Sarah in it—your projects most certainly are. 

When Sarah’s not leading the team at Moth she’s exploring with her dog or seeking out the perfect cookie.

Boston University, B.S., M.A.

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