MassArt 150

For 150 years, the story of MassArt has been one of evolution, growth, and unwavering commitment to fostering economic vitality, vibrant communities, and individual progress.  To commemorate their 150th we launched a celebratory anniversary brand. 

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Badge of pride

The anniversary brand system consists of a series of brand badges. The badges contain brand messaging that reinforces MassArt’s unique status as the only independent public college of art and design in the United States. And of course, the school’s “insider” Mastodon mascot gets a badge. This modular and flexible brand system encourages the full community to show their pride.

Celebrating all that art and design can be

The brand uses two signature colors and a custom display typeface. Type and color are put to good use helping to expand the public’s mind about the many ways that MassArt’s vision and ideals have added to the innovation landscape in Boston and beyond. A microsite serves as the homebase to the anniversary—spotlighting events, alumni, and a brief historical timeline.


Brand strategy, visual identity, content development, microsite design