Framingham State University

Once viewed solely as a commuter’s college, Framingham State University has transformed into a thriving campus where career-focused students shine.


The reinvention of Framingham State’s alumni magazine required a thoughtful strategy to produce a publication that’s relevant and responsive to its growing alumni audience.


A nimble design framework allows the university to portray compelling alumni stories through a series of complementary images. The modular content strategy and flexible grid structure allow for variety from issue to issue, while color flood backgrounds provide an element of continuity across the magazine.

The redesign features new and familiar campus landmarks—often seen from unexpected angles—to help connect alumni of all ages to Framingham State.

White space comes alive on the page, resulting in a design that feels fresh, airy, and scannable. The typographic suite pairs a contemporary serif with a friendly sans serif to create a system that works across all sizes and weights.


Magazine branding, content strategy, publication design, art direction.