Bose Fellowship Program

The Bose Fellowship Program, named in honor of the MIT Professor Amar G. Bose, awards grants to MIT faculty for projects often considered risky, controversial, or unfundable.

When tasked with creating the visual identity, we watched countless videos of Dr. Bose

You have to have the courage to be different. You can never do anything better, unless it’s different. That is an impossibility. Amar G. Bose

Dr. Bose’s research was fueled by original thinking and an insatiable curiosity.  The visual identity honors his passion and mimics the unconventional nature of the projects that the Program supports. The animated mark allows for multiple configurations and symbolizes the creative process of scientific research and the spirit of nonlinear discovery.


The website celebrates the work and advancements made possible through the Program’s generosity. Compact in scale, the online presence is rich in dynamic content and interactive storytelling. A cache of videos capture Dr. Bose’s energy and singular vision. 

A wide breadth of research and exploration that lives on as part of Dr. Bose’s legacy.

The site took home silver in the Science Website category in the 2018 W3 awards.
The Bose Fellows visual identity was featured in Communication Arts magazine.

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