Axim Collaborative

Axim Collaborative is a social enterprise dedicated to expanding access to education and deepening its impact for millions of learners. They came to us looking for an identity and website to launch the organization and announce it to the world. 


The Right Alignment

Because  Axim’s philosophy is steeped in a partnership model, we intentionally  right-aligned the Axim logo in order to underscore  the “collaborative” component of the organization’s  name. The unique “x” in Axim emphasizes its  novel  match-making approach to funding and accelerating solutions.

A Small-but-might Site

Axim’s website tells an ambitious yet concise story, leveraging a content strategy that uses  case studies to articulate the organization’s vision and  demonstrate the power of multi-institution collaborations.

A Partner-Oriented Approach

To build out Axim’s brand toolkit, we developed an overlapping shape element to help communicate Axim’s collaborative, partner-oriented approach. We also designed a branded structure for highlighting Axim’s many partner organizations.


Brand strategy, visual identity, content development, website design