Sunbug Solar

Our partners at SunBug Solar have a goal as audacious as it is clear: make renewable energy the new standard in Massachusetts and beyond. We joined forces to build a brand and website that would help them realize this goal.



Sunbug puts their customers at the center of all they do, so of course a user-driven approach to the website was critical. We crafted a site that helped Sunbug tell their unique story while also providing both residential and commercial customers with helpful information both pre- and post-installation.


The Sunbug Solar logo utilizes a distinctive graphic language by embedding organic, elemental shapes into the logotype itself. These shapes—evocative of sun and a bug—act as a functional and decorative device both within the mark and across the broader system. The branded shapes can be used as background patterns or as container shapes, reinforcing the visual language of the brand from social media to truck graphics.

In late 2023, Sunbug joined forces with Revision Energy


Brand strategy, visual identity, content development, website design