It's a time to listen, and a time to act

Our commitments

Dear community,

Moth Design was founded on the principle of doing great work for great people. What gets us out of bed every morning is the opportunity to partner with mission-driven organizations who seek to make the world a better place.

Our team also prides itself on being great listeners. We believe it’s essential to producing thoughtful work for our clients. Effective listening requires being present, showing empathy, opening your mind, and posing meaningful questions to solve problems.

During the past few weeks, my team and I have listened—and watched—as our city, our country, and the world rose up to protest the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless other Black men and women at the hands of law enforcement over the years.

And as we’ve listened and observed, we’ve grappled with our collective lack of real knowledge about the systemic racism that permeates every corner of society.

Our team realizes that we are late to this conversation and that we’ve fallen short of our responsibility to do more, to act more. But sometimes the best way to help create change is simply to begin.

So we’ve embarked with the understanding that there’s much more to learn and to do about racial inequality in the weeks, months, and years ahead. We realize that we are one small voice and that we can’t do it all. However, we take seriously our responsibility to promote a culture of learning for ourselves and the design community.

Here’s our starting point:

We commit to more diversity in our teams.

As a small team—currently only six people—we don’t hire very often. Nevertheless, we see tremendous opportunity to work with an array of designers, illustrators, photographers, writers, developers, and videographers from the BIPoC community through our partnership model. We’re actively working on developing boards of BIPoC creatives as well as readings and resources, and we will make this publicly available in the coming weeks, so that other creatives can benefit from these resources.

We will continue to support organizations that make a difference, including those dedicated to fighting systemic racism in our communities.

Every year, Moth donates three percent of profits to forward-looking organizations who align with our principles of doing good. This year, we’ve accelerated those donations and have contributed to Black Lives Matter and other causes that support the movement.

We will spark conversation with our clients and partners.

Moth works with clients and creative partners who are recognized as thought leaders in their respective spaces. Many of these visionaries have the power to ignite and amplify change. We will facilitate conversations with these leaders in order to gain insight on how to promote diversity and equity in our collective work.

We will always keep learning.

Moth will support educational experiences that expand our perspectives and inform our ability to act on matters that promote equity, inclusion, and social justice. We have started with open and honest internal conversations to examine our own backgrounds, values, and responsibilities. We will continue to support the team’s growth through courses, conferences, continued dialogue, and by volunteering our time and services.

We are optimistic that real change is coming and we embrace the journey ahead.

Tammy Dayton